About us


Our company has earned a worldwide prestige for designing and building innovative and reliable, compact rotary label machines for cutting and printing.

Combining the latest technology in computer designing and automated CNC production, a highly skilled work force in the label industry, provides interesting solutions for many types of applications, used in different industrial sectors.

Not just label machines!

We are able to design machines for any branch in the industry such as: medical, electrical, chemical, automotive, clothing, and paper. Thanks to the knowledge acquired by our family, through several generations, while working in different sectors of the industry, we are capable to build effective customized solutions for every need. We are propelled by the desire to turn a challenge into reality – a machine that will enable or improve the production process in your company. If you know what type of manufacturing product you need however, you cannot find an appropriate solution on the market, which will enable its production- here we are….

We approach machine designing with a customized attitude.

Simplicity as well as lower maintenance and servicing costs are the key features when creating our products. Our machines are a result of observing and understanding the real manufacturing process, which takes place during day-to-day work. In our machines, we avoid applying expensive apparatus and complex systems, since we want our solutions to also be attainable for smaller companies. The manufacturing plant is located in the industrial zone near the Bologna airport in Italy.





We place great emphasis on the quality of our products. We manufacture the machines according to the highest standards, including quality control testing at multiple stages of the production process.

We constantly expand our capabilities by investing in state-of-the art technologies, developed in the field of design and mechanical engineering.




The origins…

Many years ago, during his engineering studies at the University of Bologna, a young student was searching for a new idea regarding his final course-project. He began analyzing various fields of the industry, with the purpose of identifying the “problem” and developing a solution for it.


The inspiration came thanks to the family’s years of expertise in the field of the paper industry. As a result, he was able to recognize what problems the industry is contending with, as well as what solutions are needed. Exploiting the knowledge as well as the family’s experience, acquired through many generations, within the paper manufacturing and packaging sector, he was capable to define the exact problem and distinguish any deficiencies, as well as find a solution to help improve the performance within this industry. He concentrated on the manufacturing process of simple applications, such as barcode labels. He noticed that this process had been very complex and required large-scale investments, advanced machines, space, and a considerable expenditure of manpower.

The sector was shut down due to the absence of technical literature regarding this subject and no low-cost solutions for companies wishing to launch a new business.

With an open mind, typical for a student, he began searching for innovation and performed an experiment. Apart from strong self-motivation, he also had the support of his grandfather who solely worked for 60 years building and designing machines within the industry (old school). He came to the conclusion that “simplicity” will be the answer, necessary to revive this part of the manufacturing sector. From that moment, the young student began working on the first project, directed at to smaller companies within the label industry.

The main features of this new project were:

1. A Simplified manufacturing process
2. Low cost investment
3. Low operational costs

After 6 months the project of the machine was ready. Since the project extended a little bit outside of the university subject area, he was unable to use the available machines provided by the university, essential to complete the project.

our story…

Without any financial and technical support it was difficult to build the first prototype and the project ran the risk to being abandoned.

In spite of the negative opinions of colleagues, professors and friends, he decided to build the prototype by himself, in the basement of his little apartment. He had a small amount of savings, which he invested to purchase some tools and a little old metal lathe. Many sleepless nights awaited him…

A few months of hard work passed by and finally the new machine was ready. It was a remarkably small rotary die cutter, used in the production of blank labels for barcode printers. It was able to work at the incredible speed of 200 meters per minute using a rotary cutting tool, entirely mechanically controlled, using less than 1,5 squared meters of space and 0,4Kw of power consumption.

The second chapter of this story is about the difficulties in commercializing the machine. It was crucial to administer the very expensive services of business consultants and fight against the extremely complicated Italian bureaucracy. Acquiring relevant permits, which the government requires from the mechanical engineering industry, turned out to be particularly difficult. Obviously, they are significantly expensive, especially for a student, who has just decided to launch a new manufacturing business.

The young man decided to move forward, without any support from anyone. In spite of everything, after 5 other months and a heavy bureaucracy, the first machine was sold to a small company in Central America.

The rest is history…