Mmp 250 & 410 – HD flexographic printer and rotary die cutter







Excellent rotary die cutter with the possibility of installing up to 5 flexo units.

This robust machine is equipped in 1 rotary die cut units, 1 at the front and 1 at the back of the web. As a result, it is possible to sheets from a roll in just one pass!

The machine is standardly equipped in 1 flexo unit. The flexographic printing unit enables the production of plain labels with a colored background and logo, as well as the application of a primer, varnish and other chemicals.

Labels with a black mark at liner? No problem just after a few minutes you can work at full speed with a precise gap to mark registration!


The MMP 250 and MMP 410 offer extensive operational efficiency and greater possibilities. It is a production machine, perfect for companies connected with the label production sector.

The MMP series facilitates the possibility to work with 720 mm diameter rolls, which constitutes to nearly 2000 running meters. Three rotary die cutting units (1 at the front, 1 at the bottom) enable manufacturing labels with black marks at the bottom, while simultaneously cutting out the desired shape, removing the waste and rewinding all in one pass. Supplementary printing units can be added, expanding the machine by 1,2,4 and 5 units that print in a stackable structure. The assemblage printing unit is based on a system of blades, which enable receiving a clear image. Moreover, it assists during the dismounting and cleaning process.

MMP 250 is not solely a label machine discover more possibilities!


Blank labels,
self-adhesive Velcro,
self-adhesive rubber,
self-adhesive felt,
industrial joints, tags


Imprinted labels  from 1 to 5 colors
labels with black marks at the bottom
PP labels, PE, PVC
Packaging/gift wrap paper
labels with a primer


We offer professional training
for our customers,
which allows discovering and exploring
all the possibilities of the MMP 250 & 410.


A considerably thought-out construction, manufactured using the highest quality steel, guarantees a robust and durable performance for many decades. Our machines are designed by engineers and not by accountants, who would reduce the manufacturing costs by exploiting unreliable materials. However, this does not imply that the price of our machines is highly expensive – on the contrary- we are very competitive regarding our pricing policy, on the market. Power of simplicity – such an approach enables us to create machines, while excluding any expensive and often unreliable electronics, not making any concessions regarding productivity!

Our designers target is to provide a user-friendly machine, which works efficiently at a high-speed, is simple to operate, and will not limit the performance nonetheless, allows creating a wide range of products promptly and effortlessly.

MMP can be equipped with an automatic web guiding system, UV curing, sheeted cylinder, and slitting tools. Moreover, the machine is capable of winding media in two directions. Implementing one flexo unit will enable producing labels with a uniform color background, logos, texts, barcodes, or black marks on the bottom.  For manufacturers, who use inkjet technology for label manufacturing, the device grants the possibility to independently apply the primer. An advanced and highly precise system of cutting and slitting blades, along with the knowledge necessary to operate them, opens new opportunities for greater working efficiency. It is possible to extend the machine up to 5 flexographic units, which allows printing CMYK in HD quality.

Set of special tooling for HD quality, incredible vivid colors and clear dots. 40% more quality when compared with other conventional flexo systems.

Technical specification:
 the technical specyfication can be changed without previous warning.
Cut system: Flexible dies, Solid dies
Cut stations: 1 front 1 back
Gear step: CP 1/8″
Slitting tool: static, 6 blades
Max cut width: 250 mm / 410 mm
Max cut lenght: 380 mm
Max rewind diameter: 2 x 500 mm
Standard media shafts: 3 x 76 mm, autoblock or mechanic
Unwinder: 1 (media)
Rewinder:: 1 media, 1 waste
Max feed diameter: 720 mm
Meters counter: Yes
Magnetic cylinder: No
Printing unit: 1, Flexographic, ceramic anilox, blade system
Drying system: IR
Power: 4.5 Kw, 380V, 3 fazy + zero
Tension: 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: MMP 250 – 106 x 180 x 100 cm
Weight:: MMP 250 – 480 kg
Box size: MMP 250 – 130 x 210 x 160 cm
Delivery time: 60 days